Concepts and Enrichment

Oakland’s academic program includes a Concepts class at the beginning of each day, designed to strengthen your child’s fluency and appreciation of the arts along with their self-expression and self-presentation. Classes may focus on developing healthy habits, building character, practicing newfound skills, respecting the community, or providing additional attention to science and social studies. Students are placed in groups of similar achievement levels and experience each Concepts class on a rotating basis throughout the school year with classes offered changing from year to year.


Art History

In Art Concepts, students explore different cultures through art around the world, including God’s Eyes from Mexico, origami from Japan, mola from Panama, Native American pottery, Celtic knots from Ireland, Madhubani art from India, and mandalas from many cultures. Students learn to use a variety of media and methods to create original works for display and enjoyment.



Oakland’s Drama Concepts program adds fun and purpose to a student’s academic instruction. Cast members spend time reading, reciting, and rehearsing lines. They practice listening to instructions, waiting backstage, saying lines on cue, and staying in character. Students develop resilience and confidence and often find their voice in this popular Concepts class.


Music History

Going back in time, Music Concepts students may study anything from the first instruments to different music categories to performance. They may learn about the artists and connect music to history with in-depth study of lyrics. Then, students create their own testament to what they have seen and heard in the form of a short story, their own decade-inspired song, or a detailed illustration.


Creative Writing

In this Concepts class, students incorporate computers and other technology to help develop creative writing skills. From creative essays and various styles of poetry, students will hone their individual writing voice while gaining necessary experience in Word, PowerPoint, and other digital programs.


Health and Wellness

An important component of self-discovery and citizenship, the Health and Wellness Concepts class explores four main themes, including the following:

  • Mindfulness // Inner health, character, yoga, and stress reduction

  • Physical Health // Nutrition, exercise, disease, wellness, and hygiene

  • Environmental Health // Ecosystems, natural resources, and appreciation for nature

  • Community Health // Mini service projects for Oakland and the surrounding community

Students learn to appreciate themselves, others, and the environment around them through a capstone presentation at the end of each quarter.