After school, Oakland students have the chance to cultivate friendships and explore new interests through our various extracurricular activities. Enriching for students and convenient for working parents, Oakland’s activities are offered Monday through Friday from 4:15 to 5:00 PM at no extra charge. With frequent changes to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of each student, the after-school program fosters small-group collaboration in a supportive and risk-free environment.

Oakland School's wide variety of extracurriculars has something for everyone.
Oakland School students brush up on their pool skills.

Game Club

From board games and card games to horseshoes and chess, students get exposure to many genres of gaming in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that teaches them how to be good sports.

Oakland School fosters healthy, happy, and successful students.

Expressive Arts Club for Young Women

Through drawing, collage, painting, dance, and creative writing, participants explore themes such as personal values, boundaries, intuition, and self-care.

Oakland School's cooking class lets students explore their culinary skills.

Cooking Club

The cooking club inspires students to be creative and healthy by making seasonal and local dishes, trying recipes significant to various cultures and holidays, and enjoying the sweet and savory foods they prepare.

Oakland School offers many community service events to get the students involved with the greater community.

Community Service Club

Whether cleaning a river, caring for animals at the local shelter, or helping at a local soup kitchen, participants in this club gain leadership skills and a sense of responsibility through meaningful service activities that enhance our school and community.

Students at Oakland play basketball outside together.

Fitness Club

Students expend energy and learn valuable team skills through competition-oriented fun that includes soccer, dodgeball, basketball, speedball, and other physical activities.

Oakland School students interested in reading more can join the Book Club.

Book Club

Students in Book Club grow their interest in reading by enjoying literature as a group. First they listen to an age-appropriate novel, then they discuss the story, the author’s choices, and their own thoughts and opinions about the book.