Students at a beginning level in reading will not have a separate English class, but will receive written language instruction within the reading classroom. As a student’s reading level improves, his or her schedule expands to include an English class. More skilled readers and students with written language difficulties will be enrolled in both a writing and a grammar class. In addition to writing, composition, and grammar, students also receive keyboarding instruction.

Oakland School teaches students basic computer skills while also improving their reading and writing skills.

“Kids who view themselves as poor writers feel like they’re caught in a mudslide. Everything is moving too fast and is out of their control. Oakland’s writing program stops the downward motion so that students can take a realistic look at their own strengths and develop strategies to overcome weaknesses.”

Since many students with attention difficulties struggle with getting their thoughts down on paper, Oakland’s small classes and individualized attention provide a nurturing and accepting environment in which students begin to feel comfortable with the process of writing. Over the years, Oakland students have participated in and won recognition in local and statewide writing competitions.