Summer Camp Testimonials

Two campers smiling at the side of the pool.

We were blessed to find the wonderful people at Oakland school last year…

When we found out our child had a learning disability and was reading below grade level we were not sure how best to help him over the summer. After researching other programs in the area, we were happy to find Oakland School and their summer camp program. The camp at Oakland provides a loving, nurturing environment that focuses on academic skills, especially increasing reading levels to help prevent the “summer slump” our son had in previous years. We also love that academics isn’t the only theme at Oakland’s camp. There is also a focus on outdoor skills such as horseback riding, swimming, and archery, providing a true camp experience. Our son made friends that have continued in the school year and is excited for his next summer at Oakland.

Nicole and Steve A.
Summer Camp Parents

A teacher and student work 1:1 during Oakland's summer classes.

Oakland school takes their motto of "one student at a time" seriously…

They individualize each child's education to bring out the ability in each student. When my child attended Oakland for the first time she was struggling with the most basic concepts and reading far below her grade level. After one summer program we saw not only a huge improvement in her scores, but her self confidence and desire to learn had skyrocketed as well. For the first time in her life my daughter felt like learning was something she was capable of and excited to do. My daughter regularly tells me how much she loves going to school and how excited she is to learn the curriculum. She is reading at grade level and excelling in her math classes. My daughter's entire vision of who she is and what she is capable of has changed, she believes she can do anything she wants. Oakland School will always have a place in our hearts as the school that saw the potential in my daughter and helped her see it too!

Carrie M.
Summer Camp Parent

At Oakland School camp, children can learn how to horseback ride.

The summer camp at Oakland school is a rare find!

My son started summer camp struggling with reading and in just 23 days we saw a significant jump that surpassed two years of tutoring.

The program is well thought out and balanced to include lots of fun activities such as horseback riding and sports, in addition to academics. That is where we learned the Oakland Way! We highly recommend it!

Azhena A.
Boarding School Parent

Oakland students laugh together on picnic tables at camp.

This was the very first fall Oliver has returned to school with a smile and confidence to his step…

Knowing he kept up with academics during the summer helped alleviate the anxiety that used to rule his school mornings. Worried camp is boring or too much school? Oliver assures everyone that the “school” part of camp was “no big deal.” He came home full of stories of horses, swimming, and popsicles!

Kristin W.
Day School Parent