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Does this sound familiar?

“We realized he was being disruptive to avoid reading out loud in class.”

“She got bullied when she stumbled on her words and refused to go back.”

“For other kids it was fine, but for us, homework was a total bear, filled with screaming and tears every night.”

“She was so obviously bright in preschool and kindergarten, but as the years progressed we noticed her losing confidence and hating school.”

This is what many bright children with learning and attention differences experience in school and at home.

They see their peers easily picking up basic skills in reading, writing, spelling, or math while they may be struggling, embarrassed, and confused. Often, they are gifted in one subject, making their weaknesses in another much more difficult to understand. These students may become frustrated, act out, or simply lose confidence, which can have lifelong implications on their attitude towards school.

The Good News

At Oakland, we understand the challenges of a mainstream educational setting for our students and their parents. Exploring admissions opportunities at Oakland School is the first step in changing your child’s trajectory. With individualized academic programs, daily one-to-one instruction, and an ungraded curriculum, our school allows students to progress as rapidly as possible, creating self-confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward school. We teach children not just what they need to learn, but also the strategies that work best for how they learn. After Oakland, parents find the changes in their child nothing short of remarkable.

An Oakland School student sits patiently in class.
Three friends and classmates pose for a photo op at Oakland School.
Multi-sensory learning is proven to be effective for students with learning differences.

Here’s what Oakland parents have to say.

"As an alumni parent and grandparent, I can say that Oakland School saved our son and grandson. Both boys could not keep up even in top-rated public schools with LD resources. They shut down and became belligerent, sad children at school. Oakland School gave them the confidence and tools to become successful students in high school and life-long learners with a joy in reading."

Ken B., Oakland Parent & Grandparent

"A wonderful, nurturing environment and individualized programs means every student can thrive academically and socially."

Kaye P., Oakland Parent

"The summer program at Oakland School was truly an amazing experience for our daughter. She made so much progress, not just academically, but socially as well."

Amber J., Oakland Parent

"Oakland has changed my child's life. He is happy to go to school, confident and eager to learn. He loves the teachers, fellow students and atmosphere. Oakland understands children who struggle to learn. They respect all students and teach individually to each child's needs... I would recommend Oakland to any parent searching for help with a struggling child."

Andrea M., Oakland Parent