Core Academics

At Oakland, our individualized instruction teaches fundamental academic skills in an ungraded, non-competitive, and goal-oriented learning environment.

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Research tells us that the ability to read impacts all aspects of education, so teaching reading is not only an Oakland specialty but also a core focus of the academic program. Each student receives daily one-to-one reading instruction tailored to their abilities. Students often show 1.5 to 2 years of progress in reading each year.

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For students with a solid foundation in reading or those with dysgraphia or other known writing difficulties, we introduce handwriting, composition, grammar, and keyboarding into the core curriculum. Children, especially those with attention issues, benefit from small class sizes and individualized attention to learn how to express themselves and get thoughts down on paper.

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Math classes employ the same multisensory approach found throughout the Oakland program with students writing on erasable whiteboards, working with manipulatives, reciting mnemonics, and playing math games to reinforce concepts. Students progress as quickly as possible in small class sizes of six to eight children.

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Study Skills

Content classes at Oakland, such as science and history, are taught as Study Skills classes so students can learn note-taking, memorization, test-taking, and report writing skills. Most study skills do not come naturally, especially for children with learning difficulties, so we work closely with students to improve organizational and time management skills critical for success after Oakland.