Math classes at Oakland are taught in small groups of six to eight students and range from basic math concept courses to Geometry for those working above grade level. Student schedules include an instructional period at their appropriate level followed by a guided practice period. Lessons follow textbooks written to cover the Virginia Standards of Learning but are often broken down into smaller, easy-to-follow steps. Teacher-made worksheets help clarify concepts and allow students to be successful.

Interactive teaching methods can help students with learning disabilities better understand assignments.

The multisensory approach found throughout the Oakland program is employed in math classes as well, with students writing on erasable whiteboards, working with manipulatives, reciting mnemonics, and playing math games to reinforce concepts. Prompt feedback on written work and class exercises ensures that students know right away that they’re on track. Lessons are planned to connect to students’ lives and are personalized whenever possible to make the topics more relevant.